There’s a couple stigmas with wearing white, but I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t look absolutely fantastic wearing it.

Go for clean lines and timeless pieces.

Whether it’s a suit, a sweater or a dress – white has the power to make you feel, well…powerful.


Spend the money on a well tailored suit.  I bought this Theory suit 7 years ago.  SEVEN!  I’ve worn the jacket separately with a pair of jeans, I’ve worn the trousers on their own with a bulky knit sweater.  Don’t be scared to mix and match.

In terms of the classics, I love minimalism and tend to stick to white, grey and black.  If I have the staples, I can dress up or down those items without breaking the bank.

Go for clean lines and timeless pieces.

We all know fashion history repeats itself – in some cases, I wish it hadn’t!  However, here we are, remembering the 90’s and seeing our children, or kids out there wearing our infamous Dr. Martens, Scrunchies, Overalls, logo print everything, the list goes on!  Being able to keep clothes for decades and still make them relevant in current days is an art!  You can take the same blazer you’ve had for years, roll up the sleeves, wear a t-shirt under it, use it as an over-the-shoulder cover up (don’t think I’m explaining that last one properly.  So image you have your jacket on, without your arms through it.  Doesn’t that make sense?)  In any event – your classics will stand the test of time.

Is it possible to keep whites white?  Definitely.  If you have a tendency to get your clothes dirty from food, be cautious of the foods you eat, and buy a Tide to go pen (one of my ‘What’s in my Purse’ essentials).  Also, don’t put your Sundays Best on until you’re ready to go.

Like a moth to a flame – I’m always drawn into anything white; t-shirts, sweaters, pants, shoes, jackets, collared shirts and nail polish.  My next ‘white’ purchase I’m on the hunt for?  Loafers.  Been looking for a while for that pair that screams at me and have yet to find them.  Who knows, maybe by the time I find what I’m looking for, they may fallen out and back into fashion again!



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